Healing of the Nation

1) HEALING OF THE NATION two serpents entwined (one wears white crown of upper Khemet, while the other wears the red crown of lower Khemet)…the staff (as in “thy rod and thy staff”) with the two serpents originally represented the joining together of the “two nations” in peace (the “upper kingdom in the south” and the “lower kingdom in the north”) as One Khemet, or the One Kingdom of the Living God (and Goddess)


2) HEALING OF THE NATION let’s follow the “progression” of the two serpents (upper Khemet and lower Khemet) later wrapped around a single winged staff…is it starting to look more familiar now? who has eyes to see let them see for the only thing that Revelation reveals is the Truth for the Truth helps to set free those souls who remain in bondage due to the eventual “adding” and “taking away” from the Original Word of the Living God 🙂


3) HEALING OF THE NATION (the “medical staff “, or the “healer’s staff “) … “oh, so that’s where they got that from” … ooops, now the cat’s out of the bag 🙂 it’s still the same two serpents folks AND it still represents the UNIFICATION of Upper Khemet (TA SETI, Land of the Bow) and Lower Khemet (TA MERI, Land of the Beloved) as One Kingdom of the the Living God, or the Land of NO MORE WAR!