Dubbin’ with The Scientist Review

from FAIM Magazine
June 2022

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There’s music and there’s reggae music and then there is sweet reggae music and sweet reggae music is the category in which you will find the music of Jahmark and the Soulshakers. Conscious, sweet and uplifting are the songs on his latest album, “Dubbin’ With The Scientist”, as you can feel the real authentic sound of the reggae riddims vibrating your body, forcing your body to start that little quiet rock and soon after, coming in with those finger snaps and before you know it your head’s bopping, your eyes are closed and your body’s rocking and grooving as your mind absorb the potent lyrical flow as words and sounds hit your eardrums with power.


Jahmark’s melodious lyrical prowess combined with the brilliance of the Scientist’s mixing engineering expertise, song after song, dub after dub, beat after beat keep you vibrating each song; each a masterpiece in a musical catalogue. And, as according to DJ Mark Meadowlark, host of the Caribbean Moon reggae radio program on KMUN 91.9FM in Astoria, Oregon, “Scientist is magic! Paired with Jahmark & The Soulshakers, blissful”

The long awaited album, “Dubbin’ With The Scientist”, was released by Jahmark’s Banana-Boat Records label in March of 2022 and the mixing engineer skills of Scientist are immediately apparent.

The Scientist

As Jahmark puts it, “When I originally approached Scientist to mix the album I had in mind just a straight ahead mix but when I received the mixes from him I realized much to my pleasant surprise that he had added dub mixes of some of the songs which of course led to the idea for the current album title. It was a pleasure working with him and for being so amazing at what he does for so many years I found him to be refreshingly humble, Jah bless him”.

Check out Jahmark and Scientist on “Bringing The people Together (feat. Scientist)” music video here; a visual production by BLAAC LIONSS Productions. The song has received all good reviews on YouTube:-https://www.youtube.com/embed/rXdlgSixTHo

The album is a must listen if you are a true fan of real authentic reggae music. If you love message music with substance that exhibit a high level of revolutionary style consciousness with a “roots touch” of spirituality, amalgamating with uplifting lyrics blending and vibrating on some sweet reggae rhythms that bring truth to mind then you will be adding “Dubbin’ With The Scientist” by Jahmark & The Soulshakers to your musical collection, no doubt.