Redemption Posse Comes to ‘Mash It’

The Jamaica Star

Born out of the need to give vent to the feelings end frustration which emit from a ghetto experience, Redemption Posse discovered a similarity in purpose and became a group in 1983. The single beauty which underlines each song they compose is the concerted cry for unity.

The group will leave Miami to carry across Jamaica their Festival top ten entry True Believer. This song was written by Immanuel “Drummy” Walsh, a past Alpha boy.

Other members of the three man group are Ras “Jahmark” Dan and Patrick “Big Dread” Ross. As a group of artistes they all sing and play at least three instruments. They are also talented song writers.

Individuals in the group have played for artistes like lan Hunter, Pablo Moss, Leroy Sibbles, Josie Wales, Brigidaier Jerry, the Meditations and Jacob Miller’s Inner Circle.

So for Festival ’86 Jamaicans will see a Posse, Redemption Posse who may come to ‘Mash Down’ the area with their song.