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KPFK 90.7fm Radio Interview!

KPFK 90.7fm JAHMARK “HAPPINESS” RADIO INTERVIEW – 1/13/2019 on “Reggae Central” with Chuck Foster … managed to squeeze in four songs from the album in between interview segments:- 1) Reggae On USA, 2) Malena’s Song, 3) Can’t Stop This, and 4) Happiness … had an awesome time Chuck! Great job Lisette! Let’s get the youths WOKE  

HAPPINESS - album_art_square_1600_pixels_tunecore_specs


HAPPINESS – brand new album release! on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, etc. … streaming on the web worldwide, check it! Tracks include:- Happiness Malena’s Song Rock The House Can’t Stop This Baby Don’t You Worry Never too Late Reggae On USA Po-Po (Trigger Happy) Rock You Baby Save The Earth Ocean Blue Tenacity House Of JAH And Jamaica Smiles Everything’s …


Emperor Haile Selassie I

“When we speak of the betterment of man’s life, we mean not merely the economic improvement of living standards. We refer, in addition, to the spiritual conditions in which man lives. For just as a man without the means to feed his hunger or clothe his nakedness can take no pride in his existence as a human being, so also …