FAIM Happiness Article


I wonda how many persons can listen dah song yah, and when mi seh listen, mi mean really really listen; nuh just hear, but listen, connect and feel a rrreal inner happy vibration? HOW MANY? “HAPPINESS it name. Dah song yah sweet man. Di melody and di flow swwweet! Listen and groove to di part weh seh, “People feel good when they give“.

Jahmark & the Soulshakers a shake up some dormant souls wid dah one yah. Yes iya! Especially when him chant, “Make Positive POSITIVE“. Dah song yah nuh just sweet enuh, it is a joy fi sing rasta! A nuh joke ting. If you love high vibrational reggae music and wah listen sup’m weh connect really deep and sweet, inna a subtle “core-consciousness” kinda state….tek een dah song yah. It a guh resonate deep and sweet; especially if yuh inna-vibration already deh inna cruise control and a sail pon higher heights.

Pree dah song yah, HAPPINESS” by Jahmark & the Soulshakers. It will be a few minutes well spent, if a even just yuh ears a guh happy, di satisfaction derived will be a nice likkle antidote fi di spirit. Yeh man…dah song yah irie…it have vibes and di vibes smooth and nice. Check it now, don’t even think twice & leave a comment if yuh enjoy di spice.

Big up the artists dem weh a bring di happy vibes. Jahmark & the Soulshakers, big-up unuh happy selves and continue making those joyful sounds pon dem high vibration deh! Show the artist some love if you feel di happiness as we come together and put happiness to di test.