Jahmark Tafari & Soulshakers Riding High With New Single, “Happiness!”

December 2nd, 2020Reprinted from Clinton Lindsay / Foundation Radio Network Being a spiritual person, Jahmark Tafari is a firm believer in divine intervention. Happiness, a song by he and his band The Soulshakers, has endured a challenging year to give them their biggest success since forming over 30 years ago. The song went number one this week on the Kings …

#1 On Kings of Spins

Happiness at #1 on U.K.’s Kings of Spins Top 30 Charts!!! Maximum Raspect to DJ Eddie Gordon, and to all the other DJs who are showing their support. Nuff Love going out to all of our new friends and listeners over in the U.K., Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and beyond … glad you like the song!

Happiness for Jahmark and the Soulshakers

Last year when Jahmark and The Soulshakers released “Happiness”, their fifth album, they planned to do their usual round of West Coast shows to promote the set.  Its title song has been an underground hit this year, making the RapAttackLives.com hip hop college chart in April. This month, it entered the Kings of Spins Top 30 Tracks, a list based …

CVS Radio 1

TUNE INTO CVS RADIO 1 this coming Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 @ 6pm (Pacific Standard Time) for Radio Reasoning, join host Jonzie Mann and featured guests Jahmark and Tafari Watkis for some fiyah reasonings and positive vibrations … don’t miss it! talk to you then, One Love!

Soulbeats Radio

GIVE THANKS TO SOULBEATS (Netherlands) for playing our song, “Happiness”, on their show … Big Ups to DJ Hans Erkens! Greetings to all our new friends and listeners in the Netherlands … stay safe, One Love!

FAIM Happiness Article

WANT TO LISTEN SOMETHING NICE? LISTEN “HAPPINESS” BY JAHMARK & THE SOULSHAKERS I wonda how many persons can listen dah song yah, and when mi seh listen, mi mean really really listen; nuh just hear, but listen, connect and feel a rrreal inner happy vibration? HOW MANY? “HAPPINESS“ it name. Dah song yah sweet man. Di melody and di flow swwweet! …

Singer/Musician Jahmark Tafari, Releases His Latest Single “Reggae On U.S.A.”

July 21, 2020Reprinted from Clinton Lindsay / Foundation Radio Network After making inroads in the US college market with his previous song, singer Jahmark Tafari is looking to maintain that momentum with the follow-up, Reggae on U.S.A.The song was released in May, the second single from Happiness, the album by Jahmark Tafari and his band The Soulshakers. In February, the …

Review: World Music Central

Deliverance with Musical Accompaniment Reprinted in part from WorldMusicCentral.org by Tom Orr May 3, 2020 Unless you’re living so far off the grid that the likelihood of you even coming across these words is non-existent, you know what’s on the mind of everyone in the world today. I fall squarely into the demographic of “everyone,” and thus the pandemic concerns …

Jahmark Finds Happiness at Last

BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer senior writer Reprinted from the Jamaica Observer Monday, February 17, 2020 For nearly 40 years, Jahmark Tafari has carried the banner of Rasta and roots-reggae, an unapologetic disciple of the sound that made Marley, Tosh and Burning Spear legends. Recently, he has been embraced by an unlikely demographic. A remix of Happiness, a song he recorded …

“Happiness” at #1 on College Hip Hop Charts!

HAPPINESS at #1 on college radio hip-hop charts nationwide. Big Shoutout to the originator of college hip-hop radio, the one and only Nes “Nasty Nes” Rodriquez, often imitated but never duplicated 🙂 RapAttackLives.com